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Oct 26,2015: Afriwave poised to deliver on interconnect clearing house services,             Oct 30,2015:Afriwave to arrest Sim-Box Fraud             Dec,2015:Afriwave Partners Huawei to Provide Seamless ICT Solutions for the Telecoms Industry in Ghana             Jan,2016:Afriwave Denies Allegations             March, 2016:Let's work together for efficient ICH in Ghana             April, 2016:Afriwave cracks down on SIM-Box Operations in Ghana             May, 2016:Afriwave can save tax payers millions of cedis             June, 2016:Afriwave to Infuse Sanity into Ghana’s Telecommunication Industry             July, 2016:Sim box fraud in Ghana and its effects on the economy by Mr Donald Gwira             Aug, 2016:AFRIWAVE GOES LIVE ON MONITORING            

About Afriwave Limited

Afriwave Telecom is a wholly Ghanaian company established in 1998 to provide telecommunication solutions in Ghana and beyond. The company in February 2015 was awarded by the National Communications Authority (NCA) Ghana’s first Interconnect Clearing House license.
Afriwave Telecom uses its expertise to provide world-class interconnect clearing house and data centre services aimed at serving both private and public sector clients.

Press Release

Accra, Aug 2016:


Afriwave Telecom, Ghana’s licensed interconnect clearing house (ICH) service provider has begun monitoring the volume of international incoming and local interconnect telecommunications traffic. read more